COVID Vaccine Response


Welcome to the UTHSC COVID-19 Vaccine Response group. Please answer the membership application questions to access volunteer opportunities. All available opportunities are listed under "Events" on the group page. Read the event descriptions carefully to determine which positions require licensed/certified medical personnel and which positions are open to volunteers who are not licensed healthcare providers. If you are uncertain as to which shifts you may register for, please contact the event administrator.

Please be advised that any volunteers who wish to receive the COVID-19 vaccine must make an appointment. You can visit for more information and a link for scheduling. Volunteers will not automatically receive a vaccine at the end of their shift.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I register to volunteer?

First, make sure you are a member of the COVID Vaccine Response Group by visiting our GivePulse page and clicking "Become Member." Once you have answered the membership questions, you may register to volunteer for volunteer opportunities on our Events page. Select your preferred location and click the green "Register" button next to your volunteer shift. Confirm the shift on the next page and click "Continue." Answer any registration questions and agree to liability waivers and click "Complete Registration." You will receive an email confirmation of your selected shifts that also includes a link to cancel registration. 

2. Which positions can I sign up for?

A. Currently licensed health care professionals and health professions students in training who are also trained to immunize may register for immunizer positions. Retired health care providers with a retired license should visit and fill out the form "Application for Vaccine Administration by Health Care Professional with Inactive, Expired or Lapsed License" and send completed form to 

B. Health professions students who are trained to immunize may register for immunizer positions, but they must be supervised by faculty from their institution.

C. Members of the general public without medical training may register for processor positions or in some cases observer positions. Read the event description for details on requirements for each position.

3. I can no longer volunteer for my shift. How do I cancel my registration?

Click "My Activity" at the top of the page and select "Registrations." Use the "Actions" dropdown menu at the far right and select "Cancel Registration" for the shift you wish to cancel.

All City of Memphis vaccine sites will be closed April 2-5, 2021.
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